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Wanted... bold and daring mini explorers to go wild in South Yorkshire's new land of adventure 'Uproar! Play Barn'. Are you ready to go on a quest into the unknown Jurassic word of Uproar!?

Come face to face with a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex and soaring Pterodactyls inside this fully immersive indoor play area. Design your very own interactive 3D Dinosaur and explore an explosive volcano slide! We promise to entertain your intrepid little adventurers.

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Soft Play Area


Ticket prices

  • Explorers (3-12 year olds): £8
  • Mini Adventurers (1 - 2 year olds): £4
  • Baby Voyager (Under 1's): £1
  • Adults: £1

Bookings strictly limited to a 90 minute stay.

Please note: Annual Memberships and Day Admission Tickets to Yorkshire Wildlife Park do not include entry to Uproar! Play Barn.

Opening Times

  • 9:30-18:30
  • 7 Days a week!

Warning! Our resident Dinosaurs move and make loud noises unexpectedly inside Uproar! Play Barn. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. 

We ask that a adult remain in Uproar! Play Barn at all times in order to supervise their children. 

Uproar! Play Barn is located at The Yorkshire Hive, which is a free to enter destination adjacent to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. 

Accessibility at the Yorkshire Hive

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Uproar Bites Kids Snacks

Uproar! Bites 

Sit and relax with a Coffee or refuel your little adventurers at Uproar! Bites. Grab a refreshing drink to quench your thirst and feed hearty appetites. 

Or if you have an even bigger appetite for adventure, book your table at the Evolution Experience Restaurant; located next door to Uproar! Play Barn.

Evolution Restaurant

Capacity limits are in place in line with Government guidelines. 

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